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Sustainable textile solutions

By extending the lifecycle of a garment, we significantly reduce the environmental impact. Our contribution involves a clear and specialised process of collecting, sorting and distributing.

Our mission

Savings through recycling

For every garment of high or medium quality that is reused, we save three kilograms of CO₂. Recycling requires only 0.01 per cent of the amount of water used in the production of new clothing.

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Specialised sorting company

As a specialised sorting company, Xycles ensures that worn clothing is reused worldwide. Both contemporary, high-quality clothing, and discarded items find a second life in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia or in the industrial sector.


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After extensive and specialised sorting, we sell the clothing for reuse.

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We buy collected clothing. We then sort them into different quality levels.

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Discover our process

In three efficient steps, we give a second life to used clothing: collecting, sorting and distributing.


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We collect the clothes in Europe and then the sorting process starts. 


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In a specialised sorting process, the collected clothing is divided into more than 300 different categories.


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Based on agreements with the client, sorted clothing is efficiently packed and distributed.

Xycles makes the difference

With a balanced, manual, and visual sorting process and a hundred well-trained employees, Xycles sets itself apart.

Modern clothing of high quality

In the initial phase of the sorting process, we distinguish virtually new, contemporary clothing that meets the highest standards.

300 categories

We sort the clothing into over 300 different categories: from men's trousers, shoes to bedding, for example.

Transport robots

We use special conveyors, which automatically deliver goods to the sorting table and presses.

Global distribution

The sorted clothes are compressed into textile bales and distributed in sea containers to 25 countries around the world.

Get to know us

Xycles is a family business with a long tradition of sorting clothes for reuse. We are convinced of the importance of circularity and continue the work of Joan Smaal Textile Recycling, with our branches in Dordrecht and Hardinxveld-Giessendam. By investing in long-term relationships and striving for an innovative and sustainable process, we keep evolving.

We do this with a close-knit and dedicated team: we work together. Our employees undergo thorough internal training. A process that takes three to six months. Complete sorting, in which product recognition plays the most important role, is our speciality.

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Location Hardinxveld-Giessendam

Hakgriend 20, 3371 KA
The Netherlands

Location Dordrecht

W.A. Boogaerdtstraat 2
3316 BN Dordrecht
The Netherlands

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