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We are convinced of the importance of circularity. Our contribution involves a clear and specialised process of collecting, sorting and distributing.

our footprint in numbers


million kg of clothing sorted every year


kilo of CO2 decrease / per day


liters of water saved per reusable outfit

Source: LCA-based assessment of the management of European used textiles, January 2023. Source: KplusV Fast Fashion research, March 2020

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the clothing sorting industry. 

The global market for the reuse and recycling of textiles offers significant environmental benefits. And there is still huge potential for low-quality and non-recyclable clothing. Most of this discarded textile waste ends up as residual waste and is incinerated.

Reusing clothing leads to considerable CO₂ and water savings, compared to producing new clothing. As much as 3 kg of CO₂ is saved for every high- or medium-quality garment that is reused. Moreover, recycling requires only 0.01 per cent of the amount of water used in the production of new clothing.

Reducing our footprint 

Reducing our own ecological footprint is crucial. This is our contribution to minimising the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment. For instance, by implementing more efficient logistical processes to minimise transport distances and the use of renewable energy sources. Sustainability is more than a trend: it is a vital part of the future of the clothing sorting industry.

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We are aware of our position and responsibilities in terms of sustainability.

Recycling and reuse are exceptional ways to reduce environmental impact. Therefore, a meticulous and extensive sorting process is of utmost importance.

Specifically applied products promote circularity. That is why we invest in advanced technologies for identifying, sorting and recycling clothes.

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Sustainable textile solutions 

By extending the life cycle of a garment, we significantly reduce the environmental impact!

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