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Our Process

Our process focuses on a sustainable solution to the textile problem. We extend the life cycle of a garment, in a circular textile chain, where every garment is reused or recycled.

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Our partners collect the clothing in Europe and then the sorting process starts in one of our two sorting centres.

Distinctive features

Collection by foundations or commercial parties
Partner for collection in Germany
Partner for collection in the Netherlands
Central collection point in the Netherlands
Xycles clothes to be sorted
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Xycles employee sorts clothes


In a specialised sorting process, using internally trained employees and transport robots, we divide the collected clothes into over three hundred different categories.

Distinctive features

Manual and visual sorting process
Specialised and self-trained employees
Efficiency through the use of transport robots
Sorting into over 300 different categories
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Based on agreements with clients, sorted clothes are efficiently compressed and packed into textile bales. We then distribute the clothes worldwide in effectively loaded sea containers.

Distinctive features

Packaging according to client preferences
Sorted clothing compressed into textile bales
Effective loading in sea containers due to bale shape
Global shipment of sorted clothing
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Would you like more information about our sustainable solution to the textile problem? Then please contact us.

Location Hardinxveld-Giessendam

Hakgriend 20, 3371 KA
The Netherlands

Location Dordrecht

W.A. Boogaerdtstraat 2
3316 BN Dordrecht
The Netherlands

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