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Recycling of low-quality clothing can offer similar environmental benefits as reusing textiles. We sort collected clothing, of which over seventy per cent is suitable for reuse and the rest for cleaning rags and recycling.


We sort textiles into over three hundred different categories. The global market for the reuse and recycling of textiles in various quality levels offers great environmental benefits.

By closely observing the global market, we efficiently respond to changes in fashion trends and other influences affecting the demand for second-hand and recycled clothing.

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The sorting of different qualities is an important aspect. The quality of collected and sorted clothes can be better than poorly produced new items. Moreover, we also sort clothes intended for industrial rag use.

What defines the quality of Xycles?

 Manual, visual and automated sorting
 Employees trained in-house
 Use of modern tools


After extensive and specialised sorting, we sell the clothing for reuse worldwide.

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We buy collected clothing. We then sort them into different quality levels.

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In three efficient steps, we give a second life to used clothing: collecting, sorting and distributing.


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Foundations or commercial parties gather clothes, which we collect at our central point in the Netherlands.


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In a specialised sorting process, the collected clothing is divided into more than 300 different categories.


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Based on agreements with the client, sorted clothing is efficiently packed and distributed.

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